One morning before heading off to work; the uptight young professional, Maria, receives an unexpected visit from the somewhat obnoxiously loud Latina, Daniela Hernandez. Daniela has mistaken Maria for her long lost half sister, “Maria Hernandez Fernandez Jimenez Garcia”. This little encounter sparks a quirky and unique friendship.


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Inés and Dillon are friends from college now living in NYC. They wrote the pilot of MARIAS to create material for their acting reels but people started asking for more episodes, so Inés and Dillon kept writing and MARIAS developed into an enire Web Series!


Meet The Crew

Inés Dominguez

Inés created, wrote, directed MARIAS and plays the role of Daniela Hernández.

Dillon Greenberg

Dillon created, wrote and directed MARIAS and plays the role of Maria Roberts.

Bill Drummer

Bill is MARIAS producer, camera man and editor.

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