Interview for international television with Inés, winner of Best Comedic Actress New Media.  Inés

talks about her most recent work and the success of MARIAS. 


In the past year, Inés has been nominated to four best actress awards

She was nominated at the Miami Web Fest 2019 for Best Comedic Actress-New Media (awarded); at the Alt Film Festival Winter, Toronto, 2018, for Best Actress; at the Minnesota Web Fest 2019 for Best Comedic Performance; and at the Bilbao Seriesland 2019 for Star Amets. 

MARIAS wins the Best Ensemble Award at the Bilbao Seriesland in Spain!

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Inés Domínguez del Corral wins the award for Best Comedic Actress New Media for her role in the web Series MARIAS at the Miami Web Fest.

Interviews for International


Catalina Robayo interviews Inés in Miami for ''Trendiando'' and Alfonso Diaz interviews Inés in NYC for ''Tenemos Que Hablar."

Inés Domínguez, la bailarina que le apuesta al canto y danza experimental

Inés Domínguez del Corral es una actriz, cantante y bailarina colombiana que se ha destacado internacionalmente


''Inés Domínguez del Corral is well cast as Tita, full of light and bright smiles as a teenager who meets her heart's desire early on, but retains her spirit as she endeavors through hardship, madness, temptation, guilt and triumph through the years''

- Roger Catlin for BWW Broadway World.com


The winners of the 2018 BroadwayWorld.com Washington DC Regional Awards were announced and "In The Time of The Butterflies" won Best Play in the Small Professional Theatre category.





''Tita whose talent for blending her emotions at the moment  into her cuisine is beautifully played by Ines Domínguez del Corral. Moyenda Kulemeka’s costumes suit each  character perfectly with a dress for Tita which evokes her wistful loveliness...Both are good men and this is enough to make one wonder about  what choice Tita will make in the end after her years of devotion and frustration when Pedro is finally free to marry her... So believable is this emotional struggle, that as the end approached,  someone in the audience whispered  very loudly, 'Oh, no! Don’t go back to him! ')"

- by Celia Sharpe for  Sharpenicity online

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''Inés Domínguez del Corral is well cast as Tita, full of light and bright smiles as a teenager who meets her heart's desire early on, but retains her spirit as she endeavors through hardship, madness, temptation, guilt and triumph through the years''

- Roger Catlin for BWW Broadway World.com

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‘’As Tita, the youngest daughter who fights tradition, Ines Domínguez del Corral projects an air of quiet strength. Ms. Domínguez del Corral’s facial expressions are priceless in their myriad moods.´´

- By David Friscic for DC Metro Theater Arts

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''... and Mate (Ines Domínguez del Corral), the youngest. The four actresses display strong chemistry in their opening moments, buttressed by their believably distinct personas.´´ -- ´´ Alina Robert and Ines Domínguez del Corral string together captivating scenes marking the sisters’ Icarus-like narrative arc, as things start to spin apart violently for the Mirabals.'' 

-by Ben Demers for DC Theater Scene

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''Inés Domínguez del Corral is very good as the youngest sister María Teresa, full of apolitical exuberance at first but becoming defiant as well as the three go off with a driver to visit incarcerated husbands never to return.'' 

-by Roger Catlin for BroadwayWorld.com

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Don Juan Tenorio


''Doña Inés, played by Inés Domínguez del Corral, serves as the perfect contrast to that theme. Domínguez does an incredible job in portraying Doña Inés' innocence and purity, especially with her internal battle between those elements of her character and her deep-rooted feelings for Don Juan. This is truly evident in her monologue that strikes a chord with Don Juan and causes him to feel other emotions that did not include lust. It is the

moment that starts Don Juan on the path to salvation after years of avoiding it and Domínguez shines in her delivery.''

- Vanessa Michaud for Broadwayworld.co

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''This show is a triumph. Domínguez del Corrals´ graceful portrayal of Doña Ines gave this show its wings.''

-Whitney McKnight for DC Metro Theater Arts 

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“Domínguez is particularly compelling as the naive but daring Angela, and Erick Sotomayor invests Angela’s enigmatic suitor, Bayardo San Román, with romantic charisma: The sequence that evokes the pair’s wedding night — with a sheet that floats sensually onto the floor — has an electric charge.”

Celia Wren for the Washington Post

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“Angela herself is played with touching credibility by Inés Domínguez, a Colombian actress, dancer, and singer, recently seen at The Kennedy Center in selections from West

Side Story”.

Ravelle Brickman for D.C Metro Theater Arts.

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"Ines Domínguez del Corral and Philip Da Costa as young lovers Perdida and Raphael were an admirable pair."

"Ines Domínguez del Corral as Perdida was perfectly fitting to the character description and completely lovely, lithe and graceful."

"… she gave a moving and beautiful performance as the title character."

Johnna Leary for D.C Metro Theater Arts.

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Bahvi the Avenger


"There are several side stories, including Bhavi’s infatuation with Prudence (the sweetly graceful Inés Dominguez del Corral), who has a third eye with which she can see past and future."

John Stoltenberg for D.C Metro Theater Arts.

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´"In this touching and powerful performance a group of young people questions the conditions under which love shows up."

Ives Thuwis for Impultanz

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